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Graduation Information for Seniors


February 2017


Attention Seniors:

Below is some very important information regarding graduation. You are responsible for knowing everything in this letter. Failure to do so will result in you not participating in the graduation ceremony.


  • Graduation is on Saturday, June 10th at 7:30 pm. You are expected to be there by 6:30 pm to meet with your homeroom teacher. Bring extra everything in case you need to change.

  • Graduation practice is on Friday, June 9th from 11 am – 1 pm at HRHS in the main gym. You have been given plenty of notice. Make plans now to take time off from your job. You will not be allowed to walk if you are not at practiceThere will be NO exceptions


  • During the practice time, you will practice procession and recession with your homeroom teacher. You will also find out where you are sitting during the ceremony. At this time, you will be required to pay any current or overdue fees you owe to the school. You will not participate in graduation or get your diploma until all fees are paid.

  • When you receive your cap and gown, you can NOT decorate the top of your cap. This is a county-wide rule.


  • Graduation attire: on graduation day, you are expected to look your best. The following attire is required:

    • White shirt
    • Dark, solid tie
    • Dark pants (NO khaki)
    • Dark dress shoes (NO boat shoes or boots or tennis shoes)
    • Dark dress socks


·         Dress that adheres to HRHS dress code

·         Blouse and skirt that adheres to HRHS dress code

·         Black dress shoes (NO flip-flops) (spike heels are discouraged…the stairs to the stage are grated)   

·         No hem on a dress or skirt that hangs below the graduation gown


Please take heed to this letter. We have had many problems with students thinking they could ignore this, only to find out they were not allowed to walk or scrambling frantically to find proper attire or shoes. If you are not sure, bring extra or ask your senior homeroom teacher or Mrs. Brown or Mr. Mezzano.

Leah Brown, Senior Advisor