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CHS and Concord on Canvas

Art students at CHS always have talent. That's just what we do. This year there a few students who have some real amazing art skills! Their art skills, as well as our awesome ART teacher's Mrs. Dionne and Mr. Strode's skills are now on display in downtown Concord. 
Part of Youth Art Month, students from grades K-12 are welcome to submit art work! If chosen, art work is printed on banners and displayed throughout downtown Concord.  
This year student art work includes:
Click on any of the links above to vote for the painting or to see a high resolution image. Images are also below:
 Quin Dionne Quin Dionne
 Taylor Strode Strode
 Lillian-Grace Prince
9th grade 
 Lillian Grace Prince
 Kelli Collins
10th grade 
 Kelli Collins    
 Emma Bateski
11th grade 
 Emma Bateski
 Adelle Patten
12th grade 
 Adelle Patton