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Every Child....Every Day....Any Way!


 Upcoming Important Dates  

April 25th - April 28th - BOOK FAIR

25th - Hawaiian Day

26th - Color Day - Wear Black

27th - Mustache Day

28th - Sports Day

April 28th - Spring Dance 6:30-8:30

May 8th - Talent Show 6pm

May 11th - Progress Reports

May 12th - Field Day (Rain Date = 19th)

May 29th - No School - Memorial Day Holiday

May 31st - Reading EOG

June 1st - Math EOG

June 6th - Read to Achieve Testing

June 8th - Behavior Celebration

June 9th - Last Day of School (1/2 day)

Standards Based Grading 
Please remember we are using Standards Based Grading. 

Here is a Parent Brochure Link on what it means!

Essentially there are 4 levels and these are for end of grade standards:
So, by the end of 3rd grade you child should be demonstrating mastery of our curriculum concepts. (Level 3 or 4)
There may be standards for which your child receives a 2 – Progressing toward Grade-Level Standard - during the first couple of quarters. Because it is the beginning of the year, this means that 
your child is making progress toward the end of the year standard, so there is no need for concern. Our goal is that every child receive a mark of 3 – Meets Grade-Level Standard - by the end of the year 
for each of the standards listed. This score indicates that your child is on target for his or her grade level and should be celebrated. 

1=Limited Progress Towards Grade Level Standard
2=Progressing Toward Grade Level Standard
3=Meets Grade Level Standard
4=Exceeds Grade Level Standard
BLANK BOX=Not Assessed at this time

We also have letter grades of C,S,N for Work Habits, Behavior, and Character. 
The work habits and character development standards will use a scale of C, S, and N:
C = Consistently
S = Sometimes
N = Not yet
Consistently means that students engage in this behavior regularly with minimal reminders.  
Sometimes means the students engage in that behavior sometimes and they may need multiple reminders or assistance with that skill.
Not Yet means they need frequent reminders.
School Motto

 BETHEL PTSO FACEBOOK PAGE! Please join for information!

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    If your child qualifies, no one will know, not their fellow students, their teacher or even Mrs. Barbee - it is very private.


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