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   Cabarrus County Schools, in compliance with the North Carolina Academically or Intellectually Gifted State Standards, offers local training to classroom teachers working with gifted students.  This training, the Gifted Local Endorsement for Educators (GLEE), is not comparable to AIG state licensure and is non-transferrable to other school districts. The GLEE program is facilitated by licensed gifted educators, and promotes basic understanding of the characteristics and social-emotional needs of gifted students, as well as the implementation of differentiated content and instructional strategies for advanced learners. 

   Upon successful completion of the GLEE program, participants will earn 3 CEUs and a CCS Gifted Local Endorsement certificate.  The goal of this endorsement course is for teachers to feel more effective in working with cluster groups of gifted learners in the classroom setting, and to develop a clear understanding of best practices for teaching gifted students.

Please see the GLEE Course Brochures below for more detailed information: 
Elementary School  GLEE Brochure 
Middle School GLEE Brochure
High School GLEE Brochure

CCS Educators with the Gifted Local Endorsement

Elementary School Gifted Locally Endorsed Teachers
Names School  Names School 
Cassandra Couick AT Allen April Dawn Raney Mt. Pleasant
Joy McDowell AT Allen Kellie Spears Mt. Pleasant
Pam Seaford AT Allen Nikki Fisher Mt. Pleasant
Anne BoyterAT Allen Margaret Furr Mt. Pleasant 
Taylor GrigsbyAT Allen Crystal Howe Mt. Pleasant
Jennifer Black AT Allen
Chelsea NoahPatriots 
Maureen Winkler AT Allen Heather Stowe Patriots 
Kim Gue AT Allen Linda Autry    Patriots 
Deborah Arnold Bethel Megan Charlton Patriots
Jennifer Bradley Bethel Katherine Pasvankas Patriots
Ashley Fryer Bethel Julie Phillips Patriots
Stephanie MedeirosBethel Charlene Bakke Patriots
Susan Hines Bethel Shannon Bledsoe Pitts School Road 
Ashley Eller Bethel Valerie Price Pitts School Road 
Shelby Davis Beverly Hills Debbie Burns Pitts School Road
Jeanna Ferguson Beverly Hills Kelly Cole Pitts School Road
Tina Hartzell Beverly Hills Whitney Radcliff Pitts School Road
Erin Wilkerson Beverly Hills Rebecca Spaugh Pitts School Road
David Lurie Beverly Hills Karen Abraham Pitts School Road
Kristy O'Connell Beverly Hills Kristen Traynham Pitts School Road 
Leslie Cauble Beverly Hills Laura Wagner Pitts School Road 
Jamie Garrison C.E. Boger Michelle Canapino Rocky River
Leigh Samuelson C.E. Boger LeeAnn Ruisi Rocky River
Kimberly VanSprange C.E. Boger Paige Norris Rocky River
Kimberly Hines C.E. Boger Stephanie Adkins Royal Oaks
Kelly Arvan C.E. Boger Lauren Saunders Royal Oaks 
Christina Davis C.E. Boger Christa GrovesRoyal Oaks 
Kristyn Clark C.A Furr Gina Frey Royal Oaks
Christine Nelson C.A Furr Rebecca BeersWeddington Hills 
Jenna Wallis C.A Furr Chasity Dolan Weddington Hills
Ingle Baran Coltrane Webb Karen Kelly Weddington Hills
Tamara Beaver Coltrane Webb Katie Hunter Weddington Hills 
Margaret Thaxton Coltrane Webb Lynette Linderman Weddington Hills 
Alicia Hedrington Coltrane Webb Catherine Norman Weddington Hills 
Liz Selby Cox Mill Shannon RandleW.R. Odell 
Erica Stevenson Cox Mill  Angie Campbell W.R Odell
Eva Wallace Cox Mill  Jessica Davies W.R Odell
Leslie Korinek Cox Mill Michelle Cassell W.R Odell
Allison Star Cox Mill Walethea Bishop W.R Odell 
Corrie Prentice Cox Mill Lori TongW.R Odell 
Donna RamsayCox Mill Michele Regelman W.R Odell 
Jamie Stirewalt Cox Mill Marla Guerity    Odell Primary 
Debra Diegmann Harrisburg Kendall CoffeyW.M. Irvin
Sara Kull Harrisburg Melissa Haberman Wolf Meadow 
Lauren Mirabelli Harrisburg Caroline Mace  Wolf Meadow 
Amanda Cutts Harrisburg Kimberly Isidori Wolf Meadow
Victoria James Harrisburg Wendy RaffaldtWinecoff 
Sarah BuscheHarrisburg Codi Kent Winecoff  
Amy Whitten   R Brown McAllister Angie McClain  Winecoff  
Holly Marshall R Brown McAllister Rebecca MathewsWinecoff  
Ashlyn Edwards R Brown McAllister Ashleigh Allen Winecoff  
Amity Allman R Brown McAllister Lesley Kane Winecoff  
  Jordan Hart Winecoff 
  Emily Angles Winecoff  
  Stephanie Collie Winecoff  
Middle School Gifted Locally Endorsed Teachers
Names School  Names School 
Blair Austin C. C. Griffin  Kristy Bullock J.N. Fries Magnet
Amanda Dyer C. C. Griffin  Kim Burr J.N. Fries Magnet
Annette Griffin C. C. Griffin  Asia Burrell J.N. Fries Magnet
Amanda Marlowe C. C. Griffin  Emmitt Butts J.N. Fries Magnet
Jacqueline Shingler C. C. Griffin  Amanda Castro J.N. Fries Magnet
 Garrett JordanC. C. Griffin Tracy ChapmanJ.N. Fries Magnet
 Gregory DavidsonC. C. Griffin Christy ClarkJ.N. Fries Magnet 
Tracy Dinkmeyer Concord Middle Lori Corner J.N. Fries Magnet
Benita Long Concord Middle Joanne Bernard
J.N. Fries Magnet
Kristen Truong Concord Middle Amy Bowman
J.N. Fries Magnet
Catherine ReynoldsConcord MiddleJohn Landon J.N. Fries Magnet 
Elizabeth Bartlett Harris Road Cathy Eveland J.N. Fries Magnet
Becky Blanchard Harris Road Meredith Farrell J.N. Fries Magnet
Julie Felix Harris Road Erica Giles J.N. Fries Magnet
Beth Hicks Harris Road Margaret Gladin J.N. Fries Magnet
Julie Hollandsworth Harris Road Janelle Grey J.N. Fries Magnet
Frank Kennedy Harris Road Leslie Griffin J.N. Fries Magnet
Kimm Murfitt Harris Road Kim Harris J.N. Fries Magnet
Luci Turner Harris Road Cindy Haymond J.N. Fries Magnet
Richard KiddHarris Road
Zach Brown J.N. Fries Magnet 
Emily Waddington Harris Road Windy AtkinsJ.N. Fries Magnet
Mark MichalskiHarris Road Tomi Black J.N. Fries Magnet 
Mary Cashwell Hickory Ridge Heidi Johnson J.N. Fries Magnet
Leah Cottrell Hickory Ridge Sarah Johnson J.N. Fries Magnet
Nicky Locklear Hickory Ridge Elyse Koenig J.N. Fries Magnet
Stephanie Roberts Hickory Ridge Frank Laroche J.N. Fries Magnet
Jennessa Vullo Hickory Ridge Angie Martin J.N. Fries Magnet
April Wingler Hickory Ridge Katie Marburger J.N. Fries Magnet
Melissa Zyks Hickory Ridge Megan McNutt J.N. Fries Magnet
Linda RuckerHickory Ridge Jason Partridge J.N. Fries Magnet 
Elissa KlebanHickory Ridge John Palko J.N. Fries Magnet 
Sharon Bass Mt. Pleasant Middle Shanna Meehan J.N. Fries Magnet
Esther Hauber Mt. Pleasant Middle Deanna Merrell J.N. Fries Magnet
Lori McDonald Mt. Pleasant Middle Bonnie Miranda J.N. Fries Magnet
Veronica Sanders Mt. Pleasant Middle Daniel Zellonis
J.N. Fries Magnet
Caitlin Sirse Mt. Pleasant Middle Jennifer Yandle
J.N. Fries Magnet
Susan HarringtonMt. Pleasant Middle Kathryn Wiggins J.N. Fries Magnet 
Marnie StokerMt. Pleasant Middle Takisha Whitaker J.N. Fries Magnet 
Monica Clapp Mt. Pleasant Middle Jonathan Walters J.N. Fries Magnet
Anissa Haney Mt. Pleasant Middle Jeffrey Walter J.N. Fries Magnet 
Blake Williamson Mt. Pleasant Middle Beth Torre J.N. Fries Magnet 
Kelly Bumgardner Northwest Cabarrus Christina Perna J.N. Fries Magnet
Monica Dague Northwest Cabarrus Stephen Platt J.N. Fries Magnet
Jennifer Hall Northwest Cabarrus Lindsay Robinson J.N. Fries Magnet
Debra Meyers Northwest Cabarrus Kevin Satink J.N. Fries Magnet
Lisa Peters Northwest Cabarrus Jamie Sergent J.N. Fries Magnet
Wendy Davidson Northwest Cabarrus Linda Smith J.N. Fries Magnet
Susan Mckenzie Northwest Cabarrus Larry Speelman J.N. Fries Magnet
Kelly Browning Northwest Cabarrus Alyn Szymanski J.N. Fries Magnet
Suzanne Dabbs H.E. Winkler

Erin LeeH.E. Winkler 
Heather Kundla H.E. Winkler
Tarah Helms H.E. Winkler

Michelle AldrichH.E. Winkler 
Shannon Mann   H.E. Winkler 
Karen Powell  H.E. Winkler 
High School Gifted Locally Endorsed Teachers
Names School     
Lori Treiber 
Central Cabarrus Michael Landers  Mt Pleasant High
Kim Biondi      Central CabarrusJennifer Dixon Mt Pleasant High
Jennifer WilliamsCentral CabarrusLauren Mauldin Mt Pleasant High
Michelle FortCentral CabarrusLauren Grelecki  Mt Pleasant High
Clinton ChapmanCentral CabarrusJulie Love  Mt Pleasant High
Cathy AverellCentral CabarrusMichele Barbee  Mt Pleasant High
Emily Finamore Cox Mill High Robyn McNally     Northwest Cabarrus
Laurie LewisCox Mill High
Karen Mullins Northwest Cabarrus
Allison MarraraCox Mill HighLaura Bryson  Northwest Cabarrus
Deborah Hunter Cox Mill High Theodora Robinson-Jones  Northwest Cabarrus
Allison Church Cox Mill High Emily Pleasants Hickory Ridge High
Jessica Enlow Cox Mill High Krista Hodsden Hickory Ridge High
Jessica Mitchell Concord High Diane Emanuelli   Hickory Ridge High
Jacqueline Tinsley   Concord High Gaye Durham CrowellJay M Robinson
Christine Buehner Concord HighMeryl HurleyJay M Robinson
Myriam SchulzeConcord HighAshley RushJay M Robinson
Todd TinsleyConcord HighLeah CameronJay M Robinson
Mark Bostrom Concord HighEmily Langley Jay M Robinson 
Jennifer GerowConcord HighAmi Hauser Jay M Robinson 
Ann Zaske
Early College HS Jennifer McCarthy  Jay M Robinson
Julie Loukos
Early College HS

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