Substitute Requirements

Substitute Application Information:

Substitute Teacher applications are currently being accepted.  Only online applications submitted via AppliTrack  will be considered.  Please click the link below to apply.


Minimum of 48 college credits (semester hours)
Three professional references, one of which must be a current or former supervisor 
You  must attach a copy of your college transcripts in order to be considered for the position of substitute teacher.
If you are selected for a position, you will be contacted with additional information regarding orientation and Effective Teacher Training.
Please contact Rieny Shindler at or 704-262-6160 if you have any questions.

Substitute Helpful Documents

Substitute Payroll Information

Essential Payroll Information
Employee Portal
The ISIS employee portal is our system’s automated process used to electronically account for time, attendance, leave and provides electronic access to your personal paystubs, tax forms and W-2’s.  
•    demographic, leave balance and check history available
•    employees can view and print checks
•    employees can view and print w2's
•    employees can view leave balances
Employee Portal - First Time Access
First time users will need to log in and create a unique PIN # easily remembered; you are the only one who will know this PIN number. ID and PIN numbers are strictly confidential and may not be given to or used by another employee.  ID and PIN numbers allow access to personal and private payroll information. Users are solely responsible for the security of their PIN number.
•    Step 1 – Log In: Type in Employee # («Employee_Number») and Enter
•    Step 2 – Enter PIN: Type Employee # («Employee_Number») AGAIN and Enter
•    Step 3 – Enter your new PIN # TWICE and Enter
•    Step 4 – Confirm your PIN has been changed
Federal and State Taxes
Under a new North Carolina General Assembly tax requirement (House Bill 998), most taxpayers may no longer claim a personal exemption for themselves, their spouse, children, or any other qualifying dependents. Additionally, many deductions and tax credits that impact North Carolina withholding tax are no longer available beginning on or after January 1, 2014. As a result of this Act, Cabarrus County Schools is required to have a new NC4 on file or deduct taxes at “Single” with Zero Allowances. Please review your current tax information online and consider your options. If you need to change your withholdings, Cabarrus County Schools accepts both federal and state tax changes via our employee information portal.
Direct Deposit
Direct deposit is mandatory for any Cabarrus County Schools payroll compensation. This includes salary, hourly wages, supplements, longevity, disability, contracts, substitutes and all other forms of paid compensation. Checks may be viewed and printed through the employee portal and are not mailed.

More than 15 years ago, Cabarrus County Schools began offering optional electronic payroll direct deposit. Soon after, it became inefficient and costly to continue two separate check-writing processes; direct deposit then became mandatory for all part-time and full-time employees. 

Paychecks will not be released without direct deposit information or a completed enrollment form. 
Last Modified on January 12, 2017